The benefits:

  • Reduced social issues by enabling people to be themselves, play a part and make a positive difference.
  • Existing local projects are supported by offering them space to operate.
  • Enable people to use their current skills and develop new ones.
  • Gives local people a sense of ownership in their community by involving them with the development process.
  • You release a vibrant, inclusive society where everyone feels valued and integrated.
  • Acts as a hub to make it easier to access local community services.

Local volunteers make a difference by helping us reopen!

Fantastic response from the community helping us reopen again! This...

Old Chapel cafe and activity space has to close for a while!

After a great few months of being open the cold has...

Community Thursdays…

Did you miss out? In February we experimented with 'Community...

Pop-up space No.3!

Pop-up space No.3! Saltney Ferry Fantastic! Well done all who were...

Pop-up space No.2! Saltney Ferry

Pop-up space No.2! Saltney Ferry Loads of fun for all...

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